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Recycling: Enough Already?

Does it make more sense to recycle our trash or to just, well, trash it? The popularity of recycling waste is undeniable. Recycling waste is a topic many now agree on. And yet, its critics abound.

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A Historical Take on Dumping Grounds: Trash to Treasure

People have needed effective solutions to deal with trash since the beginning of human civilization. Native Americans kept dedicated sites for their trash, too. These mounds of refuse provide a glimpse of prehistoric life. What can we do with all our trash today?

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What It Means to Be Sustainable in the 21st Century

By now, sustainability as a concept has worked its way into everyday life. But knowing the definition will not by itself bring sustainability into your life. What does sustainability mean to you, and how can you incorporate it into your everyday life?

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Seven Healthy, Productive Ways to Deal With Climate Anxiety

We hear from most news channels about the degraded state of our planet. It’s bound to produce anxiety for many. And yet, there are things you can do to reduce that anxiety. Taking small actions to save our planet is a worthwhile way to relieve climate anxiety.

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The United Nations: Then and Now

The United Nations celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2020. After the carnage that was World War II, 50 nations gathered in San Francisco to agree to the “United Nations Declaration” that no such war would again occur.

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What does the UN have to do with the future? How about 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

By now, most people are quite aware of climate change and at least some of the problems it’s causing. So what is being done to counter it? The UN has an answer, or 17 of them, called the Sustainability Development Goals.

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A circular economy: the wherefore and the why

Ever since the induction of the Industrial Revolution, the developed world has run on the concept of a linear economy. Based on the “take-make-waste,” model of production, a linear economy has been the preferred method of commerce since the mid-nineteenth century. A circular economy, on the other hand …

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Choosing to live the minimalist lifestyle, sustainably speaking

Prudence tells us we all will be better off when sustainable lifestyles are adopted by all. Minimalism, the disciplined pursuit of a lifestyle that emphasizes owning only those items that add meaning or answer a genuine need, can work hand-in-glove with the pursuit of sustainability.

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Economic sustainability by the numbers & eight ways you can help

There isn’t a better time to achieve economic sustainability than now. But what is it, and why is it important? We must work to meet our needs while ensuring that our descendants have the means to meet their needs.

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What you need to know about the Paris Agreement and greenhouse gases

The United States emits greenhouse gases at a rate greater than any nation on Earth except China. Although much smaller in population — the US has just over 332 million to China’s nearly 1.4 billion — the US emits greenhouse gases at a rate roughly half of that of China.

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