Weighing your choices: Are you ready to go it alone?

Are you ready to venture out and create your own business? No better place to begin your start-up than with brainstorming. Here are a few considerations:

  • Decide what your niche is: What’s your passion? Can you make a living at it?
  • Write a mission statement: Why will your organization exist; what is your overall goal with it? Is it to sell the best products available? To create something that is yours alone to produce? To provide knowledge or advice?
  • Describe your vision: In simple terms, state your firm’s purpose. What do you want your business to look like at start-up? Down-the-road?
  • What is your unique contribution? What can you provide that no one else can, or in quite the same way?
  • How much will it cost to set it up? How much do you have? Do you already have the equipment needed? Where/how can you get the money you might need? Look at your business budget and consider the following:
    • Store or office front or home-based?
    • What equipment do you need to begin with?
    • Will you need employees to start with?
    • How will you advertise: Website, business cards, word-of-mouth, Google Ads, business-oriented memberships?
  • Always, always, always, study your competition. How can you be one better than best?
  • How will you structure your company? Will it be a sole proprietorship? A limited liability corporation? A nonprofit?
  • Do you need any licensing? Check your state, county, and city government websites for their requirements.
  • Now, do you still want to do this? Is it time to write a full-fledged business plan?

These questions are just to get you started. After you answer them if you feel you can make good at it, the Small Business Administration has a website  with loads of information, including an article on writing a detailed business plan and the slightly less detailed setting up your plan in 10 steps. I’ve used the SBA website extensively, although I haven't written a detailed business plan. Running a small, freelance writing firm just doesn’t need the planning, funding, or other requirements other businesses might.

I can help with your writing and/or website creation. Call (352) 354-1224, contact me using the form provided. I look forward to working with you.

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