How Sustainability Benefits Your Small Business

By Jason Kenner

Running a sustainable business involves engaging in practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment while contributing to the development of local communities. To achieve this goal, businesses need to take stock of their operational practices and make necessary changes to reduce their carbon footprint, switch to an eco-friendly manufacturing process and create a culture where everyone in the organization is committed to sustainability.

For entrepreneurs looking to start a sustainable business, now is the best time to do so. As reported by Business Line, businesses that follow a sustainable strategy are 2.5 times more likely to be successful than those that don’t, debunking the common misconception that sustainability leads to reduced profits. Following sustainability from the beginning is easier than changing the age-old processes of a business. Here are some ideas for practices to introduce into your everyday workings from the very beginning:

Go Paperless

Almost all kinds of paperwork whether contracts, NDAs, payslips, leases, etc. can be handled digitally. Additionally, as they are stored in the cloud, they can be shared with the required stakeholders globally. Various online applications allow for two-factor verification and encryption of data, safeguarding it from thefts and hacking attempts. By going paperless you can significantly reduce costs on printing, buying machinery, ink, and maintenance.

A great way to substantially reduce your paper usage is to implement a cloud-based accounting system. Digitizing your accounting practices means that you won’t be going through reams of paper by printing off every document. All your financial records will be safeguarded in the cloud, enabling you to access them from anywhere. 

Work in Green Office Spaces

When looking for places to set up shop, opt for those which have a green building certification, such as being LEED certified. As reported by the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings with LEED certification are energy efficient; built using sustainable construction practices; practice water conservation, waste recycling, and reduce carbon emissions by being present in locations close to public transportation. 

Additionally, look to purchase green office furniture to style your office. Furniture and furnishings made from reclaimed wood, glass, or steel are sturdy and can be more durable. 

Use Green Energy

If your business is home-based or run from a private location, contact your energy utility provider and request to switch to their green power options. Across the country, major suppliers now offer consumers the option of switching to green power generated from renewable sources.

Connect with Like-Minded Companies

For your business to be truly successful, you need to have partners who share the same passion as you. This involves working with manufacturers who use sustainably sourced raw materials, eco-friendly shipping services (ShipBob), and utilizing green banks (Spring Bank) that fund renewable projects on the local and national scale. Additionally, it’s important to take inspiration from prominent sustainable brands and shape your business along the same lines.

Market Your Business

The key to making your business successful is good marketing. While consumers actively seek to support sustainable brands, they do not extend much effort towards finding them. Hence, it is important to invest time and effort towards advertising your brands, mission, and sustainable practices to generate a healthy customer base and build a strong reputation in the market.

If you want to save some money when starting out, you can create a logo design online using a free-to-use logo maker tool. Browse logo templates and then customize with your own icons, font, and colors. This will make your company more identifiable to potential customers and clients.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, consider hiring a social media manager. Your manager will conduct market research and devise the best strategies to promote your brand and bring business.

Following sustainable practices like going paperless, using green energy, and working from a green office space will give you an edge and create goodwill among customers. Additionally, be sure to market your business effectively by designing a standout logo and hiring a social media manager.


About the author:

Jason Kenner is just a dad who loves sports and adores his kids, and who’s trying to be a good parent. The thing he realized as he started researching challenges he was facing with his own children, is there are a lot of similarities between sports and parenting. He also goes out of his way to teach them how to make a positive impact on the environment. So with On-Par Parent (https://onparparent.com), he’ll share his best advice about both, but he won’t pretend to be a pro in either. And he promises to go easy on the sports puns!

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