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Corporate social responsibility and you

What can your business do to earn that all-important customer loyalty? Besides offering stellar products or services, excellent customer service, and timely response to their questions and concerns, your clientele expect to see twin passions – for the environment and for people – to be supported by all whom they choose to do business with.

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Head in the clouds – cloud computing explained, briefly

Do you use the cloud? Just what is it, anyway? While you may think you don’t, you do when you send or receive email or when you keep up with family and friends on social media like Facebook.

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Your work in progress: keeping a business journal

Ever had your memory fail you with something you absolutely needed to remember? It’s a frustrating experience that plays gotcha if you’re not careful. Most of us occasionally get tongue-tied, or perhaps brain-tied is more like it. A work journal can become your new best friend.

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Consider this: taking your business into the green

Waste in all its shapes and forms defiles our highways, byways, and roadways. As business leaders, we’ve got to act now to reverse the trend of plastic-filled oceans, dirty drinking water, and huge expanses of landfill.

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When’s the right time to launch a business?

Given the limitations brought on by the pandemic, today may not be the best time to start a business. But if you have a little spare time, do your homework: plan and research.

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Leader or follower: Follow the link to find your type

What type of leader are you? Here are my ideas, plus a link to a quiz.

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Resources to help: COVID 19 and your small business

The organization SCORE wants to help your small business survive the pandemic. Resources abound on their website.

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Identity crisis of small proportions

How do you define your business? Have you begun a startup or a small business? What about you – are you an entreprenuer or a small business owner? Are these terms interchangeable?

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How do I choose the right structure for my business?

Have you chosen to earn your keep by going it alone? Then you need to decide on a business structure. Your choice will drive what to file, how you’ll pay taxes, and who is liable.

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If you want to succeed, advertise.

It’s something we all must do for our business to succeed. Advertise. Do you choose advertising by website, blog, or newsletter? Or take a more traditional route?

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