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On operating a business sustainably

There’s an unstoppable force in the business world today: sustainability. The concept’s been around a while – since at least the 1700s when it was used in a German tract about forestry. It promoted the idea that resources should be taken from forests no faster than it would take to regenerate them.

Chasing that steady paycheck: Salary and your startup

Looking for a steady paycheck? Then going it alone may not be for you. If you do go in doing your own thing, here are some factors to consider in deciding how much to pay yourself.

On becoming a business disruptor

Business disruptors may not be who you think they are. They’re not the violent rioters we watch on the news. Instead, the disruptive innovation they bring to market stands to significantly change the way we do things. Small business owners and entrepreneurs should prepare for disruption overtaking their chosen industry.

Networking – a bane or a benefit?

If you’re like me and thousands of other professionals, the idea of networking brings up a feeling of dread. And lots of questions. Question number one on my list is, “Do I really need to do this?” For a few tips and tricks, read on.

How to gain the attention and confidence of potential clients

So, you’ve stirred the attention of a potential client – possibly your first. Now what? How do you gain their confidence and understand their needs?
You’ve got a lot to give: the skills, qualifications, and experience necessary. But first it’s of utmost importance that you understand your client’s needs.

Corporate social responsibility and you

What can your business do to earn that all-important customer loyalty? Besides offering stellar products or services, excellent customer service, and timely response to their questions and concerns, your clientele expect to see twin passions – for the environment and for people – to be supported by all whom they choose to do business with.

Head in the clouds – cloud computing explained, briefly

Do you use the cloud? Just what is it, anyway? While you may think you don’t, you do when you send or receive email or when you keep up with family and friends on social media like Facebook.

Your work in progress: keeping a business journal

Ever had your memory fail you with something you absolutely needed to remember? It’s a frustrating experience that plays gotcha if you’re not careful. Most of us occasionally get tongue-tied, or perhaps brain-tied is more like it. A work journal can become your new best friend.

Consider this: taking your business into the green

Waste in all its shapes and forms defiles our highways, byways, and roadways. As business leaders, we’ve got to act now to reverse the trend of plastic-filled oceans, dirty drinking water, and huge expanses of landfill.

When’s the right time to launch a business?

Given the limitations brought on by the pandemic, today may not be the best time to start a business. But if you have a little spare time, do your homework: plan and research.

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