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Climate change – the planet really is getting warmer. Are we to blame?

Early summer 2021 brought record highs to the normally temperate northwestern US and southwestern Canada. Portland, Oregon reported a high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit. A region in Washington’s Pacific Coast reported a temperature of 110 degrees, four degrees higher than the all-time high in Las Vegas. Climate scientists report global temperatures are now higher than they were in the late 1800s.

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The concern with sustainability is older than you may think: A history 1660 – 2021

You may think the concept of sustainability is new. However, history tells us otherwise …

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Three Tips to Save Senior Caregivers Stress

Some days it feels like the entire world has stopped spinning, but those of us who care for elderly or disabled loved ones in decline know that isn’t the case.

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A quick guide to environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability: perhaps the most important leg of the thrice-pronged sustainability equation. Without a healthy environment, social and economic equity become irrelevant. Life as we know it is threatened, even impossible in some cases.

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Social sustainability: A glance at our global makeup

The World Bank defines social sustainability as being “about inclusive and resilient societies where citizens have a voice and governments respond.” It hinges on people understanding, accepting, and supporting one another.

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Sustainability: What the world needs now is green, sweet green

Some say the term “sustainability” is used so often for so many different activities, that it has become meaningless. I, for one, don’t think so. Millions of people in these times don’t only think sustainability is a viable concept; they’re also working toward its achievement. Indeed, sustainability may be the greatest need of life today.

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Economic sustainability: Market viability and the people’s well-being

Sustainability is usually divided into three sectors: the environment, society, and economy. A look at the four major types of economies: traditional, market-based, command-based, and mixed. And three new ones: circular, global, and green.

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Overcoming your block: on finding the mindset to get ‘er done

You’re cruising along, well on your way to getting things done, when all of a sudden it sneaks up: a hole as big as the great abyss. It stops you suddenly, completely, and seems impassable. What’s gone wrong? How do you get beyond your block?

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On operating a business sustainably

There’s an unstoppable force in the business world today: sustainability. The concept’s been around a while – since at least the 1700s when it was used in a German tract about forestry. It promoted the idea that resources should be taken from forests no faster than it would take to regenerate them.

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Journaling Power: Creating the Healthy Life You Want to Live

I’ve written elsewhere in this blog about the benefits you can reap from keeping a work journal. This review features a book outlining the benefits of keeping a personal health and wellness journal.

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