Book Review — Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book

Mari McCarthy has done it again: she’s written a book of inspiration for living your best life. She says that self-acceptance and a healthy dose of self-respect will lead you to find your best self. Grab your journal and follow her prompts to find your best life.

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Three Tips to Save Senior Caregivers Stress

Some days it feels like the entire world has stopped spinning, but those of us who care for elderly or disabled loved ones in decline know that isn’t the case.

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Overcoming your block: on finding the mindset to get ‘er done

You’re cruising along, well on your way to getting things done, when all of a sudden it sneaks up: a hole as big as the great abyss. It stops you suddenly, completely, and seems impassable. What’s gone wrong? How do you get beyond your block?

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Journaling Power: Creating the Healthy Life You Want to Live

I’ve written elsewhere in this blog about the benefits you can reap from keeping a work journal. This review features a book outlining the benefits of keeping a personal health and wellness journal.

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