Cassie Journigan, writer, in a pensive moment

You tell it;
I'll spell it.
It's that simple.

While you do the work of running your organization, I’ll do the work of making sure the world knows about it. As a freelance writer, blogger, proofreader, and editor I've spent a lifetime putting words together in a variety of forms: articles for newspapers, website content, authors' manuscripts, and winning business proposals.

You speak; I’ll listen. Together, we’ll make sure that your message gets the attention it deserves.


How I can help you: briefly, boldly, effectively

Articles, web content, blog posts, SEO

You set the topic and direction. Or we can collaborate. Do you need new articles with a fresh viewpoint, blog posts, or updates to existing web content? Search engine optimization (SEO)? Or maybe you haven’t yet entered the internet world. Let’s get started.

Listen and learn all kinds of things

I’ve interviewed people from backgrounds very different from my own: entrepreneurs, politicians and their families, artists and musicians, new age practitioners, next-door neighbors. I’ll find the people who can answer the important questions and then let them tell the story that is theirs alone.

Newsletters, leaflets, and flyers

Newsletters sustain the relationships that keep you in business; brochures help to create interest in your services and products; those flyers spread your word quickly.

Odds and ends

Have you ever had anyone correct your grammar even as you speak? It occasionally happens to my husband. From copy editing to manuscript revisions, I can correct your writing for grammatical errors, edit it for readability, or rewrite it from the get-go.

Do you need answers, evidence, and background? As a kid, I spent hours browsing encyclopedias. I will bring that same passion to your research project. And I promise I’ll go far beyond Wikipedia in the pursuit of truth.

You know your team could brilliantly complete a project if only your proposal is selected. Let’s show your potential clients how your past work matches their needs, and maximize your staff strengths with convincing resumes and curriculum vitae.

It’s not my specialty, but I love basic graphic gigs and can throw together a quick layout that grabs attention. If it’s beyond my skill set, I'll say so and gladly suggest experts who can help.

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An editor I worked with wrote . . .

"Cassie Journigan has spent a career in writing. She has written both technical and news articles for corporate and public audiences. I have worked with her as editor and reviewed numerous articles for publication.
"Cassie is an excellent writer. She has a strong sense of the importance of good, clear writing and an innate sense of the impact of her writing on her audiences, whether public or internal. She is sensitive to the backgrounds and values of the community that is her audience and is aware of what is appropriate and inappropriate for that audience . . . "  Larry Schnell

Larry writes for newspapers, has authored books, and served as adjunct professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication. I was a staff writer under his editorship at the Levy County Journal.

"As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand."
Ernest Hemingway

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